Potted  Fruit Trees
Potted  Fruit Trees

Japanese Maples [ Japanese Maple  Articles & Care Tips ]
Japanese maples are elegant in all seasons, with delicate leaves, beautiful fall colors of oranges, yellows, reds and purples. These trees have dramatic and lovely branch patterns that carry this tree's beauty through the fall and winter. A versatile tree that is suitable for most gardens, yards, and patios. You'll enjoy our vast collection of Japanese maples for sun and shade.

Bamboo/Grasses [ Bamboo  Articles &  Care Tips ]
Bamboos and grasses add variety to the garden. Both add elements to the garden experience that are not readily obtained from other plants: movement and sound. We carry large spreading stock to low mounding grass forms of bamboo suitable for small gardens. We also carry the supplies you need to plant bamboo and protect the roots from running.

Dwarf Conifers/Conifers
Conifers are not limited to green! Many varieties sport yellow, blue, or purple foliage, and still others are bi-colored with variegated patterns. Some have new growth that highly contrasts with the old growth, resulting in a different appearance at different times of the year, and many bear colorful cones to brighten up a winter garden. Tsugawa Nursery has a variety of unique dwarf conifer /conifers available at all times. Call ahead for availability.

Fruit Trees and Small Berries [ 2017 Fruit Tree Availability ]
Nothing tastes better than your own home grown fruit. Whether you are planting your first fruit tree or berry plant, Tsugawa Nursery offers one of the largest selections of fruit trees and berry plants in the region. Come in and let one of our knowledgeable staff help you make the right selection for your garden.

Shrub-Deciduous & Evergreen [ 2017 Rose Availability ]
In the garden shrubs are among one of the garden's most versatile plants, they not only serve as a background for other displays but they provide their own variations of colors and textures. Because most shrubs are long-lived, they are the permanent garden features where we show off our annuals and perennials year after year. A garden without shrubs lacks prominence and variety. Shrubs provide us with visual interest all year long.

Bonsai  [ Bonsai Articles & Care Tips ]
Tsugawa Nursery is the Northwest's Bonsai Headquarters; we maintain the largest selection of finished bonsai year round as well as bonsai starter plants. Call for seasonal availability. We also carry a quality selection of Joshua Roth tools to help you create and maintain your own Bonsai. Join us for an upcoming Free Bonsai Seminar or participate in our Free Monthly Tsugawa Bonsai Group.

Water Garden [ Water Gardening Articles & Care Tips ]
In addition to our outstanding selection of fish and pond supplies, Tsugawa Nursery carries one the broadest selections of water plants, both perennial and annuals. From beautiful tropical water lilies with serrated leaves and outstanding bloom colors you can't get with hardy lilies to "Black Magic" Taro and Compact Giant Papyrus, we carry hard to find and unusual varieties as well as all seasonal favorite to transform your water garden from something ordinary to extraordinary.

Annuals & Perennials [ Plant Articles & Care Tips ]
For quality, variety and selection, Tsugawa Nursery is the place to shop for all your plant needs. We are continually researching and looking for the new and unusual in annuals and perennials that will thrive in our region's climate. Every season you can come to Tsugawa Nursery and find something new to add to your garden. We love the unique and unusual and we can help your garden "grow beyond the ordinary."

Seeds & Bulbs
Our emphasis is on seed and bulb varieties that are tested and recommended for year-round growing in our unique Northwest climate. Each year we evaluate our seed and bulb selections and order what we feel is the right offerings for our customers to ensure their planting success.

Vegetables & Herbs [ Edible Articles & Care Tips ]
Tsugawa Nursery has many options for growing your own produce. January starts the edible gardening season with the arrival of packaged seeds. The beginning of April you can find the cool weather vegetables start to trickle in. Finally in May, our garden center is packed with a huge selection of vegetables and herbs to keep your garden growing.

Fresh Berries
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Tsugawa maintains approximately 200 acres of strawberries, raspberries, blackberries and marionberries. Throughout the summer you'll find fresh berries supplied daily to our retail store, at farm direct prices. To keep our berries fresh, we operate a 3600 square foot cold storage facility for the processing and storage of berries during the growing season. Our Tsugawa Grown Berries are also sold to canneries and fresh markets throughout the Northwest. A tradition each year has been to kick off the berry season with our annual Strawberry Social hosted the 3rd Saturday in June.

Tsugawa Grown–The Farm
We take pride in producing the freshest, locally grown annuals, baskets, and nursery stock. Tsugawa Nursery maintains approximately 10 acres of prime growing land in Woodland, Washington, allowing us to grow exceptional plant material at grower direct pricing. Look for the Tsugawa Grown logo.

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