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Everything's coming up roses at Tsugawa Nursery! Once again, we are pleased to offer an incredible selection of the best roses available in the Northwest. Check out the list below for your favorite type and color, from climbers to shrubs. If you have any questions, drop by our store or give us a call. We'd love to help you choose the perfect roses for your yard!

Please call for availability.

About Face Hybrid Tea Rose Golden Yellow Flower Light Fragrance
All My Loving Hybrid Tea Rose Light red to dark pink Moderately Fragrant
Always and Forever Hybrid Tea Rose Velvety Red Green Glossy Foliage
Anna's Promise Grandiflora Bicolor Golden Tan & Pink Blush Moderate Fruity With Spices Disease Resistant, 
Barbara Streisand Hybrid Rose Rich Lavendar Rose Strong Rose & Citrus Fragrance
Bella Roma Hybrid Tea Rose Yellow With Pink Edging Strong Fragrance
Brandy Hybrid Tea Rose Golden Apricot Blooms Light Tea Rose Fragrance
Ch Ching Grandiflora Rose Beautiful Golden Yellow Flowers Fragrant Disease Resistant
Chicago Peace Hybrid Tea Rose Pink Blooms With A Canary Yellow Base Light Fragrance
Chris Evert Hybrid Tea Rose Melon Orange Blushing Red Moderate Fruity
Chrysler Imperial Hybrid Tea Rose Velvety Dark Red Strong Damask Fragrance
Coretta Scott King Grandiflora Rose Creamy Buds With Blushes Of Orange Moderate Fragrance Disease Resistance
Crescendo Hybrid Tea Rose Creamy White Flower Blushing A Soft Pink Strong Fragrance Disease Resistance
Dick Clark Grandiflora Rose Cream And Cherry Blushed Burgandy Fragrant Ever Changing
Double Delight Hybrid Tea Rose Creamy White And Red Blooms Strong Spicy Fragrance
Dream Come True Grandiflora Rose Clear Yellow With Ravishing Ruby Edges Mild Fragrance Disease Resistance
Elina Hybrid Tea Rose Radiant Soft Yellow Lightly fragrant
Falling In Love Hybrid Tea Rose Warm Pink With A Cream Reverse Fragrant
Firefighter Hybrid Tea Rose Dark Velvety Red Flowers Intense Old Rose Fragrance
Fragrant Cloud Hybrid Tea Rose Bright Coral Red Blooms Strong Old Rose Fragrance
Fragrant Plum Grandiflora Rose Lavendar Blushing Purple Blooms Strong Fruity Fragrance
Francis Meilland Hybrid Tea Rose Shell Pink Flowers Fading To White  Fragrant Disease Resistant
Gentle Giant Hybrid Tea Rose Vibrant Pink With A Golden Glow Moderate Fragrance Everything Is Large
Good As Gold Hybrid Tea Rose Gold, Orange & Yellow With Red Picotee Fragrant Disease Resistance
Grande Dame Hybrid Tea Rose Rose Pink Flowers Old Rose Fragrance
Happy Go Lucky Grandiflora Rose Old Fashion Blooms Of Pure Yellow Moderate Fragrance Disease Resistance
Heirloom Hybrid Tea Rose Purplish Flowers Very Fragrant
Henry Fonda Hybrid Tea Rose Deep Yellow Blooms Light Sweet Fragrance
Home And Family Hybrid Tea Rose Porcelain White Flowers Moderate Fragrance Long Stemmed
Honor Hybrid Tea Rose Clear White Blooms Slight Tea Fragrance
Hotel California Hybrid Tea Rose Clean Even Medium Yellow Flower Slighty Fragnance
Legends Hybrid Tea Rose Ruby Red Flowers Moderate Fragrance Huge Blooms
Love And Peace Hybrid Tea Rose Yellow Blushed Pink Flowers Mild Fragrance
Melody Parfumee Grandiflora Rose Purple Buds Opening To Rich Purple Flowers  Heavily Scented Disease Resistance
Midas Touch Hybrid Tea Rose Bright Neon Yellow Blooms Fruity Fragrance
Miss Congeniality Grandiflora Rose White Flowers Kissed With Vivid Pink Picotee Fragrant Great Cut Rose
Moonstone Hybrid Tea Rose White Finely Edged With Pink Mild Tea & Rose Fragrance
Neil Diamond Hybrid Tea Rose Striking Deep Pink Flower Striped With White Rich Perfumed Disease Resistance
Neptune Hybrid Tea Rose Rich Lavender Blooms Sweet Rose Fragrance
New Zealand Hybrid Tea Rose Soft Creamy Pink Blooms Strong Honeysuckle Fragrance
Oregold Hybrid Tea Rose Deep Yellow-Gold Blooms Mild Fruity Fragrance
Over The Moon Hybrid Tea Rose Deep Apricot Buds Opening To Apricot Toned  Moderate Fragrance Disease Resistant
Peace Hybrid Tea Rose Golden Yellow Edged Pink Blooms Sweet Fragrance
Pink Peace Hybrid Tea Rose Clear Pink Flowers Medium Sweetly Fragrant 
Pope John Paul 11 Hybrid Tea Rose White Flowers Strong Fragrance Great For Cutting
Pretty Lady Hybrid Rose Dark, Uniform & Vibrant Pink Flowers Spicy Fragrance
Radiant Perfume Grandiflora Deep Yellow Blooms Stong Citrus Fragrance
Remember Me Hybrid Tea Rose Cinnamon Tan Blushed Rusty Orange Blooms Mild Fruity Fragrance
Rock & Roll Grandiflora Rose Burgandy & Cream Striped Bicolor Rose Strongly Fragrant
Sedona Hybrid Tea Rose Shades Of Red, Corals & Oranges Strongly Fragrant
Smokin Hot Hybrid Tea Rose Red Blossoms With A White Reverse  Moderately Fragrant
Strike It Rich Grandiflora Rose Golden Yellow Flowers With A Hint Of Red Strong Spicy Fragrance Disease Resistance
Sugar Moon Hybrid Tea Rose Exquisite Pure White Flowers Heavenly Scent Disease Resistance
Summer Love Hybrid Tea Rose Luminous Soft Yellow Flowers Mildly Sweet Fragrance
Sunset Celebration Hybrid Tea Rose Apricot-Amber Blooms Fruity Fragrance
Sunshine Day Dream Grandiflora Rose Large Buttercream Yellow Flowers Light Disease Resistance
Tahitian Sunset Hybrid Tea Rose Peachy, Apricot-Pink Flowers Strong Fragrance Disease Resistance
Tropicana Hybrid Tea Rose Flourescent Orange-Red Blooms Strong Fruity Fragrance
Twilight Zone Grandiflora Rose Clusters of Magenta Blooms  Intense Fragrance Disease Resistant
Veterans Honor Rose Flowers Are Bright Red Light Raspberry Fragrance
We Salute You Hybrid Tea Rose Opens Orange, Outer Petals Turning Soft Pink Fragrant
Wild Blue Yonder Rose Purple Red Highlighted In Lavender Nicely Fragrant
Betty Boop Floribunda Rose Yellow Ivory Edged Red Fruity Fragrance
Chihuly Floribunda Rose Apricot, Orange, Red Blooms Mild Tea Fragrance
Colorific Floribunda Rose Peach, Coral & Salmon   Mild Fragrance
Doris Day Floribunda Rose Bright Golden Yellow Flowers Strong Fragrance Disease Resistant
Drop Dead Red Floribunda Rose Intense Velvety Red Flower Mid Sweet Fragrance Deep Green Foliage
Easy Does It Floribunda Rose Shades Of Mango-Orange, Peachy Pink Fragrant Disease Resistant
Easy Going Floribunda Rose Golden Peachy Yellow Blooms
Easy to Love Floribunda Rose Fuchsia pink with lighter reverse Moderate Fragrance disease resistant
Hot Cocoa Floribunda Rose Smoky Chocolate-Orange Bicolor Blooms Moderate Fruity Disease Resistant
Intrigue Floribunda Rose Red-Purple Blooms Strong Citrus Fragrance
Julia Child Floribunda Rose Buttery Golden Yellow Citrus Scented
Jump For Joy Floribunda Rose Lusciously Lovely,Delectable Peachy-Pink Moderate Fragrance Disease Resistance
Ketchup & Mustard Floribunda Rose Red Flowers, Yellow Reverse On The Pedals Mildly Fragrant
Koko Loko Floribunda Rose Chocolate Buds Mature To Lavender Flower Mildly Fragrant Disease Resistant
Livin Easy Floribunda Rose Orange Apricot Blooms Fruity Fragrance
Love Song Floribunda Rose Ruffled Lavender Blooms  Lightly Fragrant
Mardi Gras Floribunda Rose Flamboyant Pink & Yellow Flowers Lightly Fragrant
Moondance Floribunda Rose Creamy White Flowers Raspberry Fragrance
Oh My Floribunda Rose Deep Velvety Red Flowers Mildly Fragrant Disease Resistance
Playboy Rose Orange Yellow Flowers, Single Slight Fragrance
Pumpkin Patch Floribunda Rose Pumpkin Colored Copper Toned Buds Fragrant Disease Resistance
Scentimental Floribunda Rose Burgandy & White Splashed Bloom Strong Spiced Fragrance
Shockwave Floribunda Rose Pure Neon Yellow Flowers Mildly Fragrant
Sparkle & Shine Floribunda Rose Clusters Of Flashy Yellow Flowers Fragrant Disease Resistant
Sunsprite Floribunda Rose Deep Yellow Blooms Strong Licorice Fragrance
Take It Easy Floribunda Rose Classic Red Color Slight Fragrance Disease Resistant
Tuscan Sun Rose Floribunda Deep Apricot Orange Blooms Light Spicy Disease Resistant
Vavoom Floribunda Rose Orange Juice Orange Colored Flowers Moderate Fragrance
Violet's Pride Floribunda Rose Lavender with magenta heart Strong Fragrance disease reistant
White Licorice Floribunda Rose Lemon Cream Flowers Strongly Fragrant
All A'Twitter Miniature Rose Brilliant Orange Double Flowers Light Disease Resistant
Be My Baby Miniature Rose Red Buds Open To  Pink Blossoms Mild Fragrance
Cutie Pie Miniature Rose Buds Are Yellow With Pink Blending  Slighlty Fragrant
Daddys Little Girl Miniature Rose Warm Rose Pink Flowers Slight Fragrance Disease Resistant
Diamond Eyes Miniature Rose Dark Purple Flowers With A White Center Fragrant Own Root, Compact
Smoke Rings Miniature Rose Melon Orange With Smoky Purple Border Slightly Fragrant
Whimsy Miniature Rose Creamy While Splashed With Hot Pink Fragrant Disease Resistant
Above All Climbing Rose Salmony Orange Flowers Fragrant Disease Resistant
Cupid's Kisses Climbing Rose Cerise pink with white eye Moderate Fragrance
Don Juan Climbing Rose Dark Red Blooms Heavy Old Rose Fragrance
Dublin Bay Climbing Rose Large Clear Red Blooms Lightly Fragrant
Golden Showers Climbing Rose Daffodil Yellow Blooms Strong Tea Rose Fragrance
Joseph's Coat Climbing Rose Red-Yellow Blend Blooms Light Sweet Fragrance
New Dawn Climbing Rose Soft Pink Flowers Slightly Fragrant Disease Resistant
Purple Splash Climbing Rose Wine Purple Striped White Flowers Moderate Fragrance
Stormy Weather Climbing Rose Purple Flowers With A Lighter Reverse Moderate Fragrance Disease Resistant
Top Of The World Miniature Climbing Rose Orange And Yellow Bi-Color Moderate Fragrance Disease Resistance
Tropical Lightning Orange with a Purple Smoke and Stripes Moderate Fragrance
Bulls Eye Shrub Rose Red Blotch Accents With Ivory Petals Sweetly Scented Black Spot Resistance
Childrens Hope Shrub Rose Medium red with light, smoke edging slight fragrance very good disease resistance
Double Knockout Rose Deep Pink/Light Red Flowers None Black Spot Resistant 
Ediths Darling Shrub Rose Soft apricot gold with lighter edge Strong Rose Fragrance
Gourmet Popcorn Shrub Rose Bright White Blooms Strong Rose Fragrance
Hansa Rugosa Rose Vibrant Violet Red Blooms Spicy Clove Fragrance Beautiful Hips In Fall
Oranges N Lemon Shrub Rose Brilliant Orange Striped Yellow Blooms Mild Fruit Fragrance
Purple Pavement Rose Purply Red Flowers Bright Red Hips In Fall
Watercolors Home Run Shrub Rose Clusters Of Pink Flowers, Yellow Centers Disease Resistant
Yabba Dabba Doo Shrub Rose Pink Accent With Bright Yellow Eyes Semi Double Blooms
Rainbow Happy Trails Groundcover Rose Rich Pink Flowers With Golden Centers Slight Fragrance
Sunshine Happy Trails Shrub Rose Medium Yellow To Buttery Gold Slight Fragrance Semi Double Flowers
Children's Hope Tree Rose 18" std
Edith's Darling Tree Rose 18" std
Chihuly Tree Rose 24" std
Doris Day Tree Rose 24" std
Shockwave Tree Rose 24" std
Take it Easy Tree Rose 24" std
Violet's Pride Tree Rose 24" std
Double Delight Tree Rose 36" std
Ebb Tide Tree Rose 36" std
Ingrid Bergman Tree Rose 36" std
Miss Congenilality Tree Rose 36" std
Pretty Lady Tree Rose 36" std
Sunsprite Tree Rose 36" std
Violet's Pride Tree Rose 36" std


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