Nothing beats home-grown food and there’s almost nothing more delicious and easier than Potatoes.

Potatoes are such a fun food to grow for yourself. Did you know that you can grow potatoes even if you don't have a garden? They are perfect for containers!

These humble little tubers are a wonderful staple to have in your kitchen and contain some great vitamins and minerals. To preserve the nutrients in your potato, prepare them with their skins on and steam or microwave your potatoes, instead of boiling, which leaches some of the nutrients. If you do boil your potatoes, try using that water to moisten your mashed potatoes or in soup.

The best part? When you grow them yourself, you know what’s in them and that they’re safe for your family.
Available, in season, at Tsugawa Nursery
(Updated March 2024)

Red Pontiac • Russet Burbank
Carla Rosa • Huckleberry Gold
All Blue • Red Norland
Yellow Finn • Yukon Gold
Purple Majesty • Norkotah Russet
German Butterball • Bintji • Red Lasoda

French Fingerling • Banana Fingerling

We recommend you call us to confirm availability of specific varieties. Don't see the one you want? Contact us and we'll order it for you.


Fingerling Potatoes

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